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Lint steels is the stockiest and manufacturer of Tungsten Powder Scrap. This is the powder or scrap sort of tungsten material. Tungsten Scrap can manufacture high-quality, efficient industries products for metal machining, wear parts for the mining and different working sectors.

What is Tungsten?

Tungsten is a rare metallic element with a bright gray color, a metallic luster and a high melting point. Tungsten is used in different working sectors such as in electrodes, heating elements and field emitters, as filaments in light bulbs and cathode ray tubes. Tungsten is usually used in heavy metal compounds such as high-speed steel, from which cutting tools are produced. Tungsten is also known as superalloys to form wear-resistant coatings.

Chemical composition of Tungsten Scrap:

The chemical composition of Tungsten Scrap contains the approximate amount of 1.5% carbon, 5.0% cobalt and 4.0% chromium, 12.0% tungsten, 5.0% vanadium. To make the even balance, it also includes iron.Tungsten material is one of the best materials used in different applications. They can be recycled.  

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Various properties of Tungsten powder:

  • Atomic weight
  • Density 
  • The highest melting point of all metals
  • Boiling point

Tungsten Powder features the lowest vapor pressure of all metals, very high moduli of compression and elasticity, and their corrosion properties are also best. They have very high thermal creep resistance, high thermal and electrical conductivity. It comes with the coefficient of electron radiation. They can also improve by alloying tungsten with certain metal oxides.

Following are the applications where Tungsten Powder is used:

  • Quality Assurance Plan Reports
  • X-Ray Tests
  • Firmness Tests
  • Heat Treatment

Tungsten powder and scrap have the best corrosion properties; thus, they can work with all types of surroundings. The overall working capabilities exerted by tungsten products are great and due to its properties they help them to work efficiently and suitable to use in wide critical applications.

Tungsten Powder for Tungsten Products

Classification of the Particle Size Grade Particle Size(um) Main Chemical Composition(%)
Medium Fine FWAF2.0-2.4 2.00-2.40 ≥99.9 ≤0.10
FWAF2.5-3.0 2.50-3.00 ≥99.9 ≤0.08
FWAF4-6 4.00-6.00 ≥99.9 ≤0.06
FWAF6-8 6.00-8.00 ≥99.9 ≤0.06

Tungsten Powder for High Heavy Alloy

Classification of the Particle Size Grade Particle Size(um) Main Chemical Composition(%)
Medium Fine FWG-1 2.50-3.50 ≥99.9 ≤0.07
FWG-2 2.00-4.00 ≥99.9 ≤0.08
FWG-3 2.50-3.50 ≥99.9 ≤0.07

Ordinary Tungsten Powder

Classification of the Particle Size Grade BET(m2/g)
Particle Size(um)
Main Chemical Composition(%)
Super Fine FW02 BET: >5.0 ≥99.9 ≤0.60
FW04 BET: 4.0-5.0 ≥99.9 ≤0.55
FW06 0.6-0.8 ≥99.9 ≤0.50
Sub Fine FW08 0.80-1.00 ≥99.9 ≤0.25
Fine FW10 1.00-1.50 ≥99.9 ≤0.20
FW15 1.50-2.00 ≥99.9 ≤0.15
FW20 2.00-2.50 ≥99.9 ≤0.10
Medium Fine FW25 2.50-3.00 ≥99.9 ≤0.08
FW30 3.00-4.00 ≥99.9 ≤0.08
FW40 4.00-6.00 ≥99.9 ≤0.08
FW60 6.00-8.00 ≥99.9 ≤0.08
Coarse FW80 8.00-10.00 ≥99.9 ≤0.08
FW100 10.00-15.00 ≥99.9 ≤0.08
Extra Coarse FW150 15.00-20.00 ≥99.9 ≤0.08
FW200 20.00-25.00 ≥99.9 ≤0.08

Some of Our Specialities

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