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Haynes® 188 Sheets

Lint Steels is recognized in the supplier of Haynes 188 sheets. We are a big market supplier introducing quality sheets at a very reasonable price. We offer different sizes and specifications of dimensions available as per market needs. Our sheets are known and preferred for their extreme toughness and excellent corrosion resistance. Our sheets provide adaptable in extreme temperatures and extensive service span. Our sheets are utilized in aerospace industry fabricated components, hot sections of engines in burner cans, commercial industry applications, established military and commercial gas turbine engines for combustion cans, transitions ducts, afterburner components and many more.

Lint Steels supplies Haynes 188 sheet widely chosen for tough and corrosion-resistant properties. Our sheets are resistant to the oxidizing atmosphere and sulfate deposits hot corrosion for a long time. It shows good formability and is welded by both manual and automatic welding methods. Our sheets are accurately fabricated with pitting resistance. Our sheets are corrosion and pitting-resistant with good tensile strength.

Haynes 188 is an alloy of Cobalt-Nickel with Chromium and Tungsten. Small amounts of lanthanum and a high level of chromium addition make it tough and corrosion-resistant. It has high-temperature strength and oxidation resistance. It is featured as solid-solution strengthened material. Forging and heat treatment is sustained. It shows outstanding high-temperature strength with good fabricability at room temperature. It allows a considerable reduction in section thickness.

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Lint Steels supplier Haynes 188 sheets using excellent raw material, quality tested and certified before use. Our fabrication unit is technically fulfilled with modern machines and tools. Our team of expert technical persons use their updated knowledge to improve the quality and design of sheets. We make our sheets available in customer’s demanded specifications as per their applications. Defects are checked during and after the production of the sheet. Globally accepted techniques are used to test quality. Our sheets are tested for mechanical strength, thermal range, toughness, surface finishing, pitting resistance, accuracy and many other parameters. We provide the facility of dispatch to deliver our sheets. We take care of material used, packing with proper outer covers and appropriate labeling for damage-free and fast product delivery.

Specification of Haynes 188 Sheet

Specification : AMS 5608 / AMS 5609
Standard : AMS, AMS, API
Specialize sheets : Shim, Perforated Sheet, B. Q. Profile.
Size : 0.5 MM TO 200 MM THICK IN 1000 MM TO 2500 MM WIDTH & 2500 MM TO 12500 MM LENGTH
Finish : Cold rolled sheet (CR), 2D, Hot rolled plate (HR), 2B, BA NO(8), SATIN (Met with Plastic Coated)
Hardness : Quarter Hard, Soft, Hard, Half Hard, Spring Hard etc.
Grade : Haynes 188 (UNS R30188)

Equivalent Grades of Haynes 188 Sheet

STANDARD Material No UNS Alloy
Haynes 188 R30605 188

Type of Haynes 188 Sheet

Haynes® 188 Perforated Sheets

Haynes® 188 Perforated Sheets

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Haynes® 188 Shim Sheets

Haynes® 188 Shim Sheets

Haynes 188 Shim Sheets | Haynes Alloy 188 Shim Sheets | Alloy R30188 Shim Sheets in Australia | Haynes 188 Alloy Shim Sheet | Haynes® 188 Shim Sheets Supplier in New Zealand | Haynes-188 Shim Sheets Stockist in Russia | Haynes 188 Shim Sheets in South East Asia | Haynes® 188 Alloy Shim Sheets in South America | Haynes® 188 Shim Sheets in Gulf | Haynes-188 Shim Sheets Exporter in Europe

Chemical Composition of Haynes 188 Sheets

Grade C Mn P S Si Ni Cr Fe W B Mo Co
Haynes 188 .05 – .15 1.25 max .020 max .015 max .20 – .50 20.0 – 24.0 21.0 -23.0 3.0 max 13.0 -15.0 .015 max .03 – .15

Mechanical Properties of Haynes 188 Sheet

Yield Strength

Tensile Strength












Haynes® 188 Sheet Uses

There are many sectors and industries consuming Haynes® 188 Sheet like:

Chimney LiningsChemical Processing
Sour gas production tubesOil and Gas
Nuclear waste reprocessing equipmentAerospace 
Jet Engine exhaust systemsMotor racing exhaust systems
MilitaryDefence Industries

Recently Exported Stellite 188 Sheet and Round Bars to Client in South America

Haynes 188 Shim Foils
Haynes 188 Round Bars

Some of Our Specialities

Wooden Pack Sheets

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