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Kovar Round Bar / Wire

Lint Steel is one of the certified manufacturers, suppliers, and exporter of the supreme quality of tungsten round bars, wires and wire mesh. We are one of the Prominent Trader who offers the best tungsten products with a reasonable price range.

Composition of the tungsten round bars:
Tungsten round bars contain the basis of a range of alloys that are basically containing metals such as tungsten, copper and nickel.

Features of tungsten wires:
Tungsten metal has many beneficial properties in that it is relatively inert. It resists attacks by oxygen, acids and alkalis. Also, it will react with oxidising alkali media. Tungsten is a metal that has the highest melting point among all metals. Therefore, these wires can be worked with relative ease.
 Besides that, other properties of tungsten products include wear resistance, high elasticity modulus chemical stability, heat conduction, impact-resistant and low dilatation coefficient.
Tungsten carbide powder with the addition of titanium and tantalum, nickel and cobalt powders are compressed and sintered formation of the cemented carbides. As a result, these wires have high hardness and strength.

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Applications of the tungsten wire mesh:

• As tungsten has a higher melting point, it is suitable for the use of electric filaments such as in electric light bulbs.
• It is also used for radiation shielding as they provide a 50% increase in density compared to lead.
• It is also used in military applications such as armour and shells, as well as counter-balance materials. These products are used to form the tip of cutting and drilling tools or heavy loads parts.
• Tungsten wire mesh is also widely used for general steel, cast iron, stainless steel, heat resistant steel, nickel base and titanium alloy processing.
• It is recommended for general purpose carbide tool materials consisting of twist drills, end mills, taps, and gun drills.
• For producing heating equipment parts in high-temperature furnaces.
• For producing heating elements used in vacuum plating.

Specification of Tungsten Round Bar / Wire

Standards : ASTM F288 / ASME SF288
Thickness : Range from .008″ to .0125″
Hardness : Soft, Hard, Half Hard, Quarter Hard, Spring Hard etc.
Form : Round Bar, Wire
Tungsten Grades HA 190 / HA 1925 / HA 195 / HE 390 / HE 3925 / HE 395 / HE 397

Type of Tungsten Round Bar / Wire


Tungsten Round Bar

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Tungsten Wire

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Wire Mesh

Tungsten Wire Mesh

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Square Bars

Tungsten Square Bar

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Hex Rods

Tungsten Hex Bar

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Rectangular Rods

Tungsten Rectangular Bar

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Tungsten Round Bar / Wire Uses

There are many sectors and industries consuming Tungsten Round Bar / Wire like:
Defence Making arms and ammunition
Military To produce Cold headed components
Automobile Industries to make nuts, bolts, shafts Used in Agricultural sector
Manufacturing gears, bearings, and hinges For Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas industry Heavy engineering Industries

Tungsten Round Bar / Wire Manufacturer


ATI Make Kovar Round Bar / Wire

Carpenter Technology

Bohler Make Kovar Alloy Round Bar / Wire

Valbruna Group Make Round Bar / Wire
VDM Metals Make Kovar ® Alloy Round Bar / Wire

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